Vacation Rental Management

Preferred Vacation Rentals by Natural Retreats has established itself as the premier vacation rental management company in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region. We have perfected what it means to provide highly personalized, quality service and first-rate care that you and your “home-away-from-home” deserve. In addition to our hands-on approach to the care of your property, we also focus our marketing and sales efforts to ensure that we’re maximizing the revenue potential of your home.

To learn more about vacation rental management with Preferred Vacation Rentals by Natural Retreats, please contact Kim Gauthier at or 603-253-7811.

We understand that selecting a company to manage your investment is a crucial decision, and appreciate your taking the time to learn more about the services we offer.

Vacation Rental Representation

We create a targeted, customized marketing plan for each of our properties. Our strategies are designed to best position your home in the local and national marketplace, ascertain ways to reach out to the appropriate audience, and utilize Natural Retreats’ websites and 3rd party listings to drive revenue. We are also able to leverage our relationships with area tourism organizations to provide additional marketing and PR opportunities. Finally, we recognize that effective communication with our homeowners is essential. To that end, our proprietary owner’s portal allows you to logon--at your convenience--to access your home’s bookings, book your own personal stays and more.

Experienced Team of Local Experts

We recognize that having a skilled team looking after your property is of paramount importance. As such, we have a seasoned General Manager and round-the-clock staff to look after your home and your guests. Our team focuses on managing all aspects involved with renting and caring for your property. We carry out regular home inspections and upkeep including landscaping, supervising renovations and maintenance projects, housekeeping, bi-annual deep cleaning and more. We also perform semi-annual inspections to advise our homeowners of changes that could be made to improve their home’s desirability for guests. If you choose to make improvements, we will work with our preferred local vendors to obtain the best pricing on upgrades.

The Natural Retreats Reach

Natural Retreats has an impressive portfolio of vacation rentals throughout the United States; in some of our country’s most cherished and stunning locations. As such, our reach gives your property national exposure to like-minded individuals who understand the value of experiencing nature first hand, being active and engaged with the landscape, while also appreciating the comforts of luxury lodging.

For more information contact Kim Gauthier at or 603-253-7811.