About Preferred Vacation Rentals
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We think it is important to support the local community and are passionate about conservation and preservation of this gorgeous place. Lake Winnipesaukee really is a treasure and we are so happy to share it with our visitors. What sets up apart from other travel and property management companies is both our commitment to customer service and our dedication to the experience as a whole. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond to create the best possible vacation for every one of our guests and look forward to crafting your Lake Winnipesaukee experience. With a growing number of retreats in the US and Europe, Natural Retreats recognizes that vacation is time to get away from normal routine, to experience the wonders of this world and, most importantly, to create precious memories that will last a lifetime.

Our Xplore Team are travel experts, champions of customer service and gurus of all things Lake Winnipesaukee. Not only can they assist in choosing the best accommodations for your group, but they are happy to arrange activities, tours, make reservations and much more. Our Xplore Team is here for you throughout your journey.

About Xplore Team
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